About Mail

Mail Hub is your main destination for mail and parcel services! We offer a complete postal facility, including First Class, Priority, flyer distribution, and international and express mail services. On campus students are offered a mailbox number for free, while off campus students may rent a mailbox number for a fee.

We accept Mason Money and debit/credit cards.

Departments must use this Metered Mail Form  when mailing 5 or more pieces of First Class mail or with any other special delivery requirements.



Manage Your Mailbox

Setting up and maintaining your mailbox at Mail Hub is easy and convenient.


Open a Mailbox

Residential StudentsAll students living on campus are assigned a mailbox number at Mail Hub free of charge.

  • To retrieve letter mail, please go to the Mail Hub counter with your Mason ID and mailbox number.
  • To retrieve tracked packages, please use the unique one-time code sent to your email/text alert to open the smart locker your package is in. After packages are received, smart locker codes are changed.

Off-Campus Students—Students living off campus may rent mailboxes at the Mail Hub customer service window for six months or a year.

  • $25/6 months
  • $40/year


Close a Mailbox

Please make sure to close out your mailboxes before you graduate, attend a semester abroad, or leave Mason for more than one semester.

Manage Your Packages

Receive, send, and track your packages at your convenience at Mail Hub.


Receiving/Sending Packages

Student mailing addresses are written as follows:

First Name, Last Name
4450 Rivanna River Way #xxxx
Fairfax, VA 22030


Incoming Letters/Packages: Students can pick up their packages at the Mail Hub in smart lockers. You will receive notifications by email or text with the locker number and a unique one-time code to retrieve the package. Oversized or oddly shaped packages may require pickup at the counter. Check out the Do’s & Don’ts for best practices.

Outgoing Letters/Packages: Mail Hub provides outgoing services via UPS, FedEx, and USPS Priority Mail. Please use the above address format as the return address. Acceptable forms of payment are Mason Money and debit/credit cards.

Parents Sending Packages

When sending mail or packages, write the student’s name as shown on their Mason ID. Nicknames or names that do not match may result in mail being returned. Please change the “Shipping To” name to the student’s name when ordering packages from a personal account. It is also important to include their specific mailbox number, as shown above. Be careful NOT to mark this mailbox as a PO Box. The student mailboxes are not PO boxes.

If sending perishable goods such as food, medicine, flowers, or anything that requires refrigeration, be sure to indicate this by writing “PERISHABLE” somewhere on their package. Packages with perishable goods are placed into a refrigerator when received.

Tracking Packages

If you’re waiting for a package to arrive, you can save time by tracking it online instead of waiting in line! As long as you have a tracking number, the postal service, UPS, FedEx, and Lasership can tell you exactly where your package is, estimated delivery dates, and when to pick it up. The links below will direct you to a website where you can enter your tracking number and find your package.


        Looking to track your package? Choose below:



If you have not received your package, please bring the tracking information to the Mail Hub help desk or fill out the form below in order for us to track it.





1. When do I get a mailbox?

A student living on campus is entitled to a Personal Mail Box (PMB) upon becoming a resident...

of George Mason University’s Fairfax campus. Students may register for a mailbox online, or in person at the main counter of the Mail Hub, located on the lower level of The Hub student center. Generally, turnaround on obtaining a PMB after registration is less than two days. Proof of residency and proper identification may be required.

If you are a student living off campus, you may still obtain a PMB by renting one from us. We charge $25.00 for 6 months or $40.00 for 12 months. You must come down to main counter and bring your form of payment. We accept Mason Money, Credit or Debit card. We do not accept cash payments.


2. Where is my mail/package?

Mail Services picks up all mail and packages for George Mason University from the post office...

mid-morning (the post office DOES NOT deliver to us). All mail/packages are sorted and processed by end of business day.

All letter mail is held behind the main counter of the Mail Hub, located on the lower level of The Hub student center. Students will need their mail box number and student ID. If a letter is addressed incorrectly, it may be returned to sender due to insufficient information. If you are expecting a letter and it is not in your mail folder, there is a very high chance that it was never received from the post office or the sender put the incorrect PMB number on it.

Packages are held in Smart Lockers at the Mail Hub, located on the lower level of The Hub student center.

When a package is processed and ready for pick up, an email will be sent to your Mason email. This email will provide the locker number for the package and the pin code needed to retrieve that package. You may receive an email from the package carrier (ex: Amazon) stating your package has been delivered. Please be aware that mail services processes several hundred packages a day and that your package is NOT ready for pickup until you receive an email from them. If you do not receive an email, the package is either not in the mailroom or has not been processed yet. Please use your tracking number to find the location of your package.

Note that USPS will sometimes list a package as “delivered” as soon as the package arrives at the closest post office. If the package says that it is “delivered”, there is a chance that it is still at the post office and not yet on campus.


3. Can I receive my mailbox information over the phone?

No, you cannot receive mailbox information over the phone. You may...

only receive George Mason University’s general address for student packages over the phone. Mailbox information can be received at the Customer Service window at the Mail Hub located in The Hub student center.


4. Why has my PMB changed?

Personal Mail Box (PMB) changes can happen for many reasons. A mailbox can ...

be lost due to disenrollment, semester abroad, moving off campus, or any other reason that would cause you to not live on campus for a semester. When your status changes back to a residential student, you will receive a mailbox again, but it will likely be a different mailbox. Make sure that, if your mailbox changes, you notify senders of your new PMB number to receive future packages.


5. Is a PMB the same thing as a P.O. Box?

No. A PMB is not the same as a P.O. Box. The term P.O. Box ...

is used solely by the United States Post Office. Mail Hub uses the term PMB (Personal Mail Box) to describe your campus mailbox. DO NOT address any mail or package with “P.O. Box” as mail and packages could be misdelivered to that post office P.O. Box instead. It has happened before.


6. How do I get my mail forwarded?

A student who is moving off campus can receive ...

forwarded mail for 90 days domestically. You must complete the online form. Please note, we can forwarded misdelivered USPS packages over Summer but we do not offer forwarding of mail over Summer break.


7. How much will postage cost?

Postage rates vary due to shape, weight, method of shipping, and ...

service used. You can find the cost for postage at these websites: USPSUPSFEDEX.

Resume Delivery

Mail Services has resumed mail delivery service on campus. Departments that are staffed will need to opt in to mail delivery here.

Offices that are not staffed may continue to pick up their mail in the mail room.

UPS, FedEx, and other delivery services DO NOT drop parcels in the mail room. Offices that do not have staff on-site to receive parcels ordered through these services should have parcels shipped to homes or sites with staff available to receive them.


  • Do place your mailbox number on all correspondences. Without this, we will not be able to process your mail efficiently.
  • Do use your full name as it appears on your Mason ID card. This allows us to give you your mail instead of another student who has a name very similar to yours.
  • Do wait for an email/text from us. (Sign up for text alerts today)
  • Do submit a missing package form after 48 hours if you have not heard from us.
  • Do come to the counter to pick up your letter mail. Please bring your ID with you.
  • Do use the 4-digit passcode emailed/texted to you to open the locker.



  • Don't use your dorm address as your mailing address. Your mail arrives centrally at The Mail Hub and is distributed from The Hub, not the dorms.
  • Don't use nicknames, your parent's names, or partial names. If we can't find you in our system, your mail will not get to you.
  • Don't assume we have your package. If you haven't heard from us by 48 hours, please come to The Mail Hub counter to ask about your package or email us at
  • Don't wait to pick up your package. There is a limited number of lockers. Once you pick up your package, this opens the locker to be available for another package.