Pay-for-Print Locations

Fairfax Campus


Art and Design Building1Room 1009, Classroom
Art and Design Building2Hallway, Open Lab
Buchanan Hall2Room D205
Blue Ridge1Hallway
Eastern Shore1Room 1003
Eisenhower1Hall, Lounge Area
Fenwick Library1Lobby, By North Entrance
Fenwick Library1Print Alcove, Near Elevators
Fenwick Library2Print Alcove, Near Elevator
Fenwick Library3Print Alcove, Near Elevator
Fenwick Library4Print Alcove, Across from Room 4300
Hampton Roads/Pilot House1Room 1001
Horizon Building1Lobby
Horizon Building3Room 3229
The Hub1Lab
Innovation Hall3Room 301, Computer Lab
Johnson Center1Hallway, Near Information Booth (Prints only in black and white)
Johnson Center3Room 311, CLUB Lab
Johnson Center3Room 340
Liberty Square1Room C111
Angel Cabrera Global Center1Room 1305, Computer Lab
Angel Cabrera Global Center1Hallway, By Room 1315
Merten Hall1Lobby, Lounge Area
Nguyen Engineering Building1Room 1506, Computer Lab
Nguyen Engineering Building3Room 3204
Nguyen Engineering Building3Hallway
Nguyen Engineering Building4Lobby
Northern Neck1Lobby
Peterson Hall
1Hallway, Outside Room 1108
Piedmont 1Hallway, By Front Desk (Prints only in black and white)
SUB 12Front Lobby, Lounge Area
Taylor Hall1Hallway
Thompson HallLLLobby
Whitetop1Lobby, By Front Desk

Mason Square (Arlington)


Hazel Hall1Law Library, Outside Reference Office
Hazel Hall2Law Library, Near Roon 252
Hazel Hall3Law Library
Hazel Hall3Law Library, Near Room 308
Van Metre Hall1Outside Computer Lab
Van Metre Hall2Mason Square Library, Room 211A
Van Metre Hall3Mason Square Library, Alcove outside room 345
Van Metre Hall7Room 702

SciTech Campus


Beacon Hall1Hallway
Colgan Hall 1At the front of the Library
Katherine G Johnson Hall1Hallway

Loudon Campus


Signal Hill Plaza2Hallway, Near Room 220